Our Roots

CHCA District 1199, NUHHCE was founded August 25, 1976 by Mary Lou Millar, a registered nurse fed up with management policies that unfairly and negatively affected her and her coworkers.

They demanded to be treated with respect and to be part of the decisions management made that affected the work they did. They joined together to demand better wages, better benefits, safer working conditions and a pension for when they retired.

CHCA District 1199 NUHHCE continues the fight that our founder started more than 40 years ago. We've expanded from representing mainly nurses to representing any group of health care or hospital workers- or workers in other industries- that wants better working conditions for themselves and better outcomes for their patients. 

Today, CHCA District 1199 NUHHCE represents roughly 3000 health care workers across Connecticut, from Winchester to Danbury and everywhere in between.